Fabricated from 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm clear, BPA-free copolyester, these retainers are custom-thermoformed for

optimum fit.

If a patient loses or damages all of their retainers, replacement retainers can be reordered from the patient’s digitally stored data. This frees the patient from having to make a return office visit for impressions.


STEP 1: Take impressions

STEP 2: Patient's model will be digitally scanned and store in patient’s 3-D digital data.

Re-Order: To order new retainers in 

the future, give us a call.

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Retainers Care Instructions:

  • Rinse appliance with warm water before insertion and after wearing. Store dry in supplied case for optimum protection. To clean, gently brush the appliance using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. If necessary, soak the appliance in denture cleanser for up to 10 minutes daily. To avoid damage, do not soak longer than designated time.

  • When removing the appliance, Grasp with both hands. To prevent breakage, Do Not warp of flex the appliance.

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